Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 11/14/12

Like any good prom there were awards handed out.  In the midst of the photo booth, fun, and chaos we left out a couple of awards that I really feel bad about.  So I'd like to mention those before I remind you of some of the other Prom Award Recipients.

1st I feel really bad about forgetting this one.  Most determined.  A lot of people could have received this award but two people stood out where they should be recognized.  So when you see them in class give them a high five and say good job.

Awardees for "Most Determination"  Aziz & Tiffany.  You were both at the Prom and I feel bad you weren't recognized at it.

2nd award I left out was "Most grunts per rep".  This award goes to Gus & Kerri.  Whoo hoo, congrats!!!!

The final award I left out was "CrossFit Ninjas".  This award goes to that quiet person that slips in, slips out and in the middle destroyed the workout barely making a peep.  This award goes to four people.  Banton, Jake McAlister, Siri and Alice.  Congrats to the silent WOD Killers :-)

Strength: 15 Minutes to practice your Snatch


For Time:
3 Deadlift (315/225)
3 Ring Dips

3 Deadlift (315/225)
6 Ring Dips

3 Deadlift (315/225)
9 Ring Dips

3 Deadlift (315/225)
12 Ring Dips

3 Deadlift (315/225)
15 Ring Dips

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