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Monday 11/26/12

In case you didn't hear the score from the Apple Cup, it's below.

The game was hilarious, not becasue of the score or game but because of some of the texts I was receiving during the game.  Here are a few, the different names of the people who sent them are left blank:

text:  WSU will Coug this lead in the second half, I'm not worried.  GO DAWGS

text:  We didn't need the extra points, winning at half.

text:  @!#%!^!@%$%#% I hate football, we "Coug'd" our lead this quarter.  Doing what we did in the third quarter is called "Cougin it"

text:  I was never worried at the half, I already bought a Husky flag for the gym.

text:  OMG I hate football, I don't even care about the gym bet anymore, please please please I just want a Husky win at this point.

text:  Man, UW did such a good job at Cougin that game

Congrats to WSU, you didn't need the extra points you earned for your team.  The WSU Flag will be hung above the Husky flag for the next year.  I can't wait for the 2013 Apple Cup.

Hey CFIB, we have a couple of gym members doing various stair climbs to support good causes.  Would love to see some of you join them and help them reach their fundraising goals.

Richard will be racing up the Washington Mutual Tower on December 5th to raise funds to cure cystic fibrosis. Help Richard meet his goal or join his team. 

Also, Robert will be doing a climb too.  I received this from Robert: 

I've participated in the Big Climb for the last 2 years now, and will again this year. It's a 69 flight stair run up the Columbia Tower in downtown Seattle to raise funds for the LLS (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society). The climb will be March 24th, 2013 and it's already 60% sold out. I'd love to have a few CFIBers join me in the tower. If you're interested, check out and register. I haven't made a team, but I requested a start time between 1 and 2pm. I'd register as soon as possible too, as the event will easily sell out in the next 2-3 weeks max. Hope to see some of you on the stairs.

Post WOD Nutrition:

Many of us wonder what to eat after a workout and the answer is: It depends! It depends on what kind of workout you are doing and what your goal is – fat loss, performance improvement, mass gain, etc. There’s a lot of information floating around about what is “best”, but most of it comes from either the body-building or the endurance sport community, and little of it has a Paleo orientation.

The science behind post-workout nutrition is that in the time window directly after high intensity exercise your body gets a “get out of jail free” card with respect to high glycemic carbs(ex. potatoes & watermelon, ex of low glycemic carbs are apples & brown rice). This window spans from when you finish your last rep to 2 hours later, but is most potent in the first 15-30 minutes after the WOD. Not only are you less affected by an insulin spike during this time, but your body can actually productively use that insulin in replacing glycogen. Some athletes also like to include protein to start the tissue repair process. Therefore, most post-workout meals are light 1-2 block snacks that might be more carb heavy than a strictly Zone balanced meal. As an example, here are the post-workout meals of some of CrossFit’s tops trainers and athletes:

  • Miranda Oldroyd drinks a 20 oz chocolate milk within 10-15 minutes after her WOD.
  • Matt Chan recommends a fast digesting protein such as eggs, and carbs such as fruits and berries.
  • Chris Spealler eats Progenex, which is a brand of supplements in the form of a protein shake.
  • Greg Amundson eats a regular zone proportion meal.
  • Mike Giardina eats a 2 block protein shake made with Progenex and coconut milk, with coconut water added after metcons.
  • Josh Everett eats sweet potatoes and chicken breast.

Much like pre-workout nutrition, take these guidelines and experiment to find what works for you. And remember that post-workout meals are crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s on an already solid nutrition plan. They aren’t the focus of a solid nutrition plan.

As always, if you need help trying to figure out what you should be eating, send Erin or me an email, we would be happy to give you some direction based on what your goals are. 

Strength:  Burpees for 10 Minutes: Ok ok ok you're not going to do burpees for 10 minutes.  What I want you to do is work as fast as you can for 1 minute then take 1 minute of rest.  Write your total number of burpees on the board.  You will wind up doing 5 minutes of Burpees. 


3 Rounds

Run 400m

10 Deadlift (275/185)

5 Muscle Ups or 15 Ring Dips

CrossFit - Most, Most, Most: Safety vs. Intensity.  This is long but a good watch especially talking about technique, intensity and injuries.

Ok, one more music video.  I'm amazed at how much bad music is out there.  After all the videos I've seen lately, I completely understand why MTV stopped playing music.   They probably snapped and got sick of being forced to watch all the bad bad music out there.

However, this video has a sweet M.I.L.F...................Musician I'd Like to Forget. (yes I may have posted this video just so I could use that joke)

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