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Monday 11/5/12

  • This Saturday is 80's Prom at CrossFit Interbay.  If you don't have a babysitter for your kids, we will help.  At no charge we will have a few teenage volunteers babysitting at my house while the parents get their 80's groove on at the gym.
  • December 2nd is the Toys for Tots Fundraiser Team Competition.  Don't forget to put your team together and sign up, half the team spots are already taken and the rest will be gone soon.
  • We will need volunteers and judges for the event, so if you don't want to compete we would love to have you help.

Hey it's Coach Pauly D and Snookie then he's back as coach geoff below.


When I was a kid watching Sesame Street, I felt the songs were this hard core.  I'd sing along VERY INTENSELY!!! 

The oddest childhood memories rear their heads at the most crucial times.

I remember old school kids shows like Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow. In fact, LaVar Burton’s theme song from Reading Rainbow was super badass for a five year old, I would rock out singing along with the t.v. same as if I were front row at a DMX Concert. The further I travel away from those five year old times the more effort I put into getting them back. With all the craziness and chaos being a grown up today, living back on Sesame Street feels good.  So I travel there in my mind all the time :-)

It’s no secret that Sesame Street delivers more than just witty monster banter and great ideas for Halloween costumes (Sexy Elmo? Really? I saw one last week). The characters and scenarios on the show have always been meant as teaching tools, often intended to help kids deal with difficult issues, but lessons we still remember and use as adults......Let me take you there now :)

Friends talked

Sesame Street was full of neighbors. We didn't have Facebook yet, so people went outside and said hi to the neighbors, ran around the block to play with their friends, we would have sleep overs where we’d stay up all night even after our parents told us to go to sleep and talked about absolutely nothing.  It was great fun and I encourage my kids to live like that too. 

Cookies make you a monster

First and foremost, the Cookie Monster taught us to be grateful for the fact that we don’t have puppet mouths.  Seriously, he was disgusting.  He chewed with his mouth open, food fell all over the place and he was a loud eater….not someone I’d want as a dinner guest as an adult.  However, as a kid I thought it was awesome he was so crazy about cookies.  (Don’t get me started on how many delicious cookies were wasted on that puppet mouth. That bugs me to this day.) But the Cookie Monster also taught us the failure to practice moderation has dire consequences.  The big blue dude is the first true addict I can remember. Sesame Street got a lot of things right. Sugar, being as addictive as coke, was one of them.

Numerous studies have shown that sugar addiction is as difficult, if not more difficult, to kick than a cocaine addiction. The overweight psychotic blue monster who ravaged cookies by the dozen is proof of that. Sesame street called him a monster..........however we call him American.

Sesame Street hit the nail on the head with their depiction of what you look like when food becomes more than fuel when you’re blinded by the very sugar you can’t give up. Sesame street taught me that cookies and sugary treats make me act like a selfish junkie…so I don’t eat cookies(much :-).  Moderation Moderation Moderation!!!!

Yes, I just wrote a blog post about Sesame Street.  I found that awesome video and then I was thinking about how simple and innocent it felt when I was 5 years old.  I watched that show and how great it made me feel, never realizing I’m learning life lessons at the same time. 

It’s good to return to that block you lived on when you were a child and bring back a little bit of that five year old mentality to a world that so desperately needs it. Remember what you learned on Sesame Street.  Here is a cool list of other life lessons people learned from Sesame Street:  10 things I learned from Sesame Street

Oh, I didn’t realize this at the time but Sesame Street introduced me to the very first “Hipster”

Oscar the Grouch

It’s no coincidence that the rise of the hipster nation coincides with the maturation of a generation raised on Oscar the Grouch. Think about it: he’s a surly trash can–dwelling, scruffy-haired, DIYer with a fondness for items that other people deem ugly, useless, or label as garbage. Give him some skinny jeans and glasses and we’ve got ourselves the original hipster. 


Strength:  Shoulder Press 2x2x2x2x2 (80-90%)


3 Rounds
400m Run
15 Push Press (95/65)
15 Burpees

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