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Wednesday 12/12/12

You can’t wing it all the time and eat healthy.  You need to plan ahead especially for lunches and snacks.

This is a good post/article regarding planning your food and shopping for the week:

I'm going shopping for the week, what the heck should I buy?

Here is one way to approach a week's worth of prep and shopping. It's Sunday and I know I have busy week ahead of me. If I don't prep for a few hours today, I will feel the repercussion all week long, by making quick and unavoidable bad decisions. When I take the time to prep, my whole week runs smoother. I'm less stressed because I don't have to wonder what, when or where I'm going to eat. I save time, because I'm not running around getting food. I save money, because I'm eating out less.

I eat 3 block breakfasts and Matt eats 4, I add the numbers accordingly, they don't need to be exact. However, I'd like it close so that I either don't run out or don't waste any food.

  • Eggs-49
  • Onions-5
  • Broccoli-2/3 stalks
  • Avocado-7
  • Apple-7

This can be a recipe as a whole(like a chicken salad) or parts, for this particular week I decided to separate it into parts proteins carbohydrates and fats, so I can actually interchange them for lunches and dinners. Both ways are great. My recipe is going to be a chicken, a veggie and a fat. I found a crock pot chicken and roasted veggie recipe on the fuel page, I'm going to use those. Don't worry too much about exact quantities as you are shopping, you will get better and better at dialing this in.

  • Need:
  • Chicken-3lbs
  • Chicken Broth-1pint
  • Brussel sprouts-2 large bags
  • Sweet potatoes-4
  • Onion-2
  • Avocado Oil-small bottle
  • Already have:
  • Coconut oil
  • Thyme
  • Sage
  • Ms. Dash
  • Pepper

Dinner: I was feeling like there was a lot to prep so far, so I wanted to make it a little easier. Otherwise, I'd be in the kitchen for 6 hours. I decided on beef stew for the protein, and the Kale salad on the fuel page. Knowing that I'd be able to use some of the roasted veggies as well for dinner.

  • Need:
    Stew meat-5lbs
  • Diced tomatoes-1 large can roasted
  • Kale-1 head
  • Lemon-2
  • Ginger-1 small piece
  • Avocado-7
  • Already had:
  • Romaine-1head
  • Red peppers-4
  • Onion-1

Snack: Now I'm starting to get the sense that I'll have a ton of food that I can pull snacks from pretty easily. However, I decide to get some chicken that I can grill and have cut up ready to go and a few pieces of fruit for extra carbohyrates.

  • Chicken-4 breasts
  • Grapefruit-4
  • Honeydew-1
  • Oranges-6

What now?

Now I head to the store. While this is a great outline as to what I need, be flexible when you shop to make life easier on your self, no need to go to three stores when you can just change an ingredient or two. Here is what changed from this list to my actual shopping was;

14 avocados was not only expensive, I felt like we would waste too much. So I got the packages of just avocados in small sizes. I ended up getting 5 pack.

I knew that beverages are a key factor in staying on top of my nutrition so I added 8 large mineral waters and 4 large unsweetened iced teas.

Total cost for this list was $180, that's $25 per day for 2 people or $3.21 per meal. You can't get much cheaper than that.

I'm home now what?

Prep it ALL NOW. Don't delay or you'll waste food this week. I started by getting the crock pot chicken going. Once that was underway, I started the roasted veggies. Now I have two dishes cooking and I could use the food processor for any additional chopping and prepping of veggies, the broccoli, onions, peppers. As things get done they get sticky notes of measurements to keep my week math free and I put something else in, the stew, grill, make salad and voila. 3 hours later, yes 3 hours I'm got a stocked fridge and though it took three hours, it's going to save me double that over the next 7 days if not more.

1,000m Row
50 Box Jumps
30 Power Snatch (75/55)
50 V-Ups
30 OH Squats (75/55)
50 Sit UPs
30 Push Press (75/55)
50 Lunges (each leg = 1)

Do you need a couple of gift ideas for that special guy in your life.  Let me help.  The following gift ideas are for 18+, parental guidance advised :-)

present idea 2.JPG

1. Every guy needs a special someone in their life, so get him a subscription to find a "Bromance".  Every guy needs to bro out.  Help him find that person he want to high five and chest bump with.  This site is a winner, read the Testi-Bro-Nials

present idea 3.jpg

2. A Girlfriend Pillow.  Let's be honest....spooning is fine for the first 5 minutes of sleep, but after that you just cant bend into the positions men need in order to get a good nights rest.  Give your guy the gift of sleep, he will reward you with new found energy where he will be happy to go shopping with you all day and hold your purse.

present idea 4.jpg

3. Sometimes your man wants to "hang out" around the house.  Get him that special chair built for maximum comfort.  These chairs can be customized. Plus when he's using the chair, it's a gift for your eyes.  WIN WIN :-)

beer holster.jpg

4.  A beer holster.  With all the holiday, new years and tailgating parties give him something to free his hands.  These holsters match all outfits and now that his hands are free he can hold your hand while talking to your friends.  Hell, he might even give you butterfly kisses because he's so happy with his beer holster. 

christmas ornament.jpg

5. This gift is for both of you.  You want a Christmas Ornament to celebrate this holiday you spend together and you want him to care about the ornament.  So get him a pair of boobie ornaments.  They are unique, great looking, firm, round, he will always look at them and you will remember this holiday forever.  Warning:  No motor boating the Christmas Tree

I hope this list help you out.  If you have some ideas or holiday tips, email me or post in comments :)

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