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12/19/12 Gift Ideas for Women


There are times when I wish I were young and dumb again, then I look back at some of the things I did and how I spent the holidays..............I was just dumb :-) YAY FOR GRAY HAIR!!!!!

Strength:  5x5 Shoulder Press at 75%

40 KB Swings
3 Rounds
30 Lunges (each leg = 1) (no jumping lunges, step all the way out and all the way back each time)
15 Push-Ups (men Rx is Chest Clapping/Women Rx is Strict)
40 KB Swings

Last week I posted some items to get the man in your life for the holidays.  Erin challenged me to come up with a list of items to get women, she thinks I'm clueless.  Me Clueless????? I know what women want...... I'm married so I at least know what one woman wants :-)
So here are a few items that you can do for the woman in your life for this holiday.  If you don't agree, post in comments or email Erin at needs to write a post in response to this post, you can help), if you agree post High Five you're awesome Ron in comments or just think it really hard, I'll be able to feel you doing it. 

spring shoes 2.jpg

1.  Women want a comfortable pair of heels.  They want high heels that do not leave them praying for the sweet release of death. These sexy spring heels also come in open toe.  Yes you can wear socks with these heels too.

red wine.jpg

2.  Women want peace, love, and understanding, but mostly they want a good wine, compassionate lighting, and the occasional cheap thrill. But make sure to lead with a good wine.


3. Foreplay - It's pronounced [fawr-pley] noun: sexual stimulation, usually as a prelude to sexual intercourse.Origin:  1925–30; fore- + play.  It's the holidays so give her that 20 minute kiss for a very intense 7 minutes of heaven.

tin can phone.jpg

4.  Tin can telephone.  We know what your woman really wants, it is someone to just listen to them.  Give her this and she'll know you're ready to listen.

love letter.jpg

5.  Something sappy.   That's right, express your feelings in a love letter or make her a collage of your time together.   You can give her the greatest gift of all and not spend one penny, your feelings in song or a love letter :-)
*Note to guys, never ever ever ever sign your name to a love letter.   Always sign love letters or sappy emails with  "you know who this is", "The Man", or "Anonymous" and here is why.  If your wife/girlfriend/woman/whatever drops, loses or forwards an email with your sappy words in it, she will lose your man card for you forever.  It doesn't matter if it's not your fault, it's gone and your man card will never return.  So give her the gift of your feelings written in a letter but don't ever sign it.  You'll thank me later :-)


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