Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday 12/31/12


It's New Years Eve so we have a modified schedule today:
6am class coached by Ron
9:15am class coached by Beth
Noon class coached by Beth
5:30pm class coached by Joey
We will have one class on New Years day, at 11am, coached by the least hung over coach :) kidding kidding.  We will have an 11am class but none of the coaches will drink that much, all the CFIB Coaches and members are responsible kids that will only drink coconut water while eating paleo treats during their New Years Eve celebration. 

Today is also a day to celebrate Shogun and Robert for completing 100 days of burpees.  They did 1 burpee on day 1, 2 on day 2, 3 on day 3, etc....finishing today on New Years Eve, their 100th day and 5050 burpees later.  Congrats to Shogun and Robert for finishing something very grueling.  I'm curious of how many times in the past 100 days you two have second guessed doing this challenge?

WOD:  "100 days of Shogun & Robert"
4 Rounds
x Burpees
x Wall Balls (20/14)

This song is for you Shogun & Robert

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