Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday 2/13/12

A few announcements: 

First.  Robert registered for 2012 Big Climb, which is the charity stairclimb at the Columbia Tower.  It's 69 floors, 14 more than the WAMU climb he did last December at 22 minutes and is shooting for sub 10 minutes this time.  Unfortunately they are sold out, but let's support him and cheer him on.  Plus if you'd like to donate you can do that here:

Second:  Why haven't you registered for the 2012 CrossFit Open yet?  Get to your computer and do it do it do it :-)

1. Get your credit card, you'll need $20.
2. Go here:
3. Click top, right hand corner. It's red. It says "Sign in"
4. Create your account. You can make up your stats, Have fun with it.
5. Pay them.
6. Select CrossFit Interbay as your affiliate

CrossFit Open fun starts in just over a week.

And last some sad news.  Today is Danae's last day in the gym.  She plans on being at the 9:15 class for her final WOD.

Danae will begin a new stage in her life, shipping off to boot camp as she begins her service in the Army.  Danae is a wonderful positive influence in the gym, always there to offer support and cheer others on to the end of the workouts.  We'll miss Danae dearly.  Good luck in this next stage of your life and take care of yourself during boot camp!

So the WOD for today is in the spirit of Danae


5 Rounds

5 Thrustes (115/75)
10 Burpees
15 Sit Ups
run 400m


**Newer people, remember we scale weight, rounds, reps everything to find your 100%. 


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