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Wednesday 2/15/12

Are you ready for the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open?

No?  That's ok because no one is ready—and that’s OK.

With the official CrossFit competition season approaching, it’s normal for athletes to ask themselves and their coaches if they’re ready for the upcoming events.

And again, the answer is no, they are not ready.

That’s because CrossFit encompasses so many different skills, movements, energy systems, sports and disciplines that it’s utterly impossible to be completely prepared. There’s always more to learn, errors to fix, skills to acquire, etc....

Even the CrossFit Champions have things they need to work on.  Everyone does.  The point is that you can never really be ready for any CrossFit event because you’ll be faced with unknown challenges. This can be pretty un-nerving, and it can be a shot to the confidence that pushes many athletes into OCD training that leaves them nervous, worried, over-worked and still underprepared.

The real point is that if you work out at a CrossFit gym, you are an athlete, and athletes can find a way through any physical challenge. You might not be exactly prepared for whatever comes up on Feb. 22 when Event 1 is announced, but if you’ve been doing constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity, you’ll be fine.

You’ll figure it out.

Regardless of what comes up in the Open, it will be some variation of this prescription: "move that thing like this quickly". The thing might be a barbell, or it might be you. Or it might be something else. But you’ve seen similar instructions in CrossFit Interbays programming every single day. That’s how we roll.

So don’t worry if you aren’t prepared for the Open. You also aren’t totally prepared for whatever weird physical challenges life will throw at you every day. 

But just like in the gym and in life you’ll be fine.

You’re an athlete.  Original Link

So take a chance and have fun.  Register for the CrossFit Open.  It starts in just one week


Strength:  Shoulder Press Week 3


500m Row



Parallett Push-Ups feet on 12 inch box

Weighted Sit Ups (45/25)


Run 400m

Making the Reebok commercial, behind the scenes.

Spot on!


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