Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 2/3/12

What is the 915am class taking?  Tracey got her first kipping pullup, B-Hop Beth got her first kipping pullup, Alice got her first strict pullup, Christine got her first muscle up, Nicole is competing in the Firebreather division on Saturday and Kay ran a 40 mile+ race this past weekend.  Now I just feel lazy :-) Seriously awesome awesome job. 

Soooo I got this text today, Tyler showing off his 394 Double Unders from Wednesdays WOD. 

Again, all classes are cancelled on Saturday.  We will be at Bellevue for the www.bellevueinterbaythrowdown.

Come out, volunteer, judge and cheer on your fellow CrossFitters in the NW.  Also come support your team that will be competing:

James M., Matt G, Donkey Kong (AKA: DK...Wait his real name is David...who knew), Tim G, Joey F, Seth S, Derek D

Valery P, Nicole D, Taryn P, Kerri O, James M, Amy M, Turph, Sandra V

And come cheer on your team in the SealFit Competition.

Team "Honey Badger"

Hammer, Anthony, Danae and Messy

Dammit Jake with all these people competing and working so hard this weekend, why are you just laying around?


4 Rounds

Run 400m

30 KB Swing (55/35)

20 Lunges (1 ea. leg)

10 Grasshoppers

I may just shut down the gym and re-open it doing this.  I know it's going to be the next great fitness thing.

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