Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 2/22/12

First:  There are new faces around the gym, be sure to introduce yourself to them, talk to them and make them feel welcome.  Remember back when you started CrossFit?  It was a bit overwhelming, maybe a little intimidating and everything was so new.  Go out of your way and show them why so many people are addicted to CrossFit in addition to the workouts.

Awesome!  So far we are up to 51 members from CrossFit Interbay registered for the CrossFit Open.  We plan to program the first WOD this Friday. 

Speaking of Friday, to kick off the 2012 CF Open Season we will run the evening classes in non-stop heats all night.  Then hang out, have some snacks and a few beverages.  Everyone's welcome to join in, cheer on others or just stop in and watch.  And for those of you early risers, even if you come in and do the workout in the morning, try and stop by in the evening to cheer others on and to join in the festivities.

It's still not too late to register at  First WOD will be announced at 5PM Wednesday.

Lastly:  Chris AKA "Hammer" will be heading off to the Army to start his Infantry and Ranger training.  He will be missed, he was fun to have around, a great athlete, awesome attitude and amazing dancer :-)  Work hard and have fun.  Keep in touch.  He will be at the 5 or 6pm class, he wouldn't commit because he doesn't want a big deal made about him heading off :-)

“You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”
― Zig Ziglar

James, game face on.

I see Joey is wearing his favorite t-shirt again......Skin. 

Strength:  Shoulder Press Week 4 deload week


1/10, 2/20, 3/30, 4/40, 5/50, 4/40, 3/30, 2/20, 1/10

Push Press (155/105)/Double Unders

*Scale Scale Scale Scale to find your appropriate weight.  Ask coaches they will help

**Push Press, not Push Jerk.  Drive the bar up in a swift powerful movement.   Do not jerk or dip under the bar.  If you must dip or jerk the weight, reduce the weight until your push press form is spot on.

I like this

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