Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 2/29/12 Happy Leap Year and Hump Day

CrossFit Open WOD 12.2 will be posted online at 5pm Seattle time today.  Will I know at 2pm? or at 430pm when you walk in.....No.  Why? Because it's going to be posted at 5pm today.  Which is during the time when I'm coaching so I won't be checking the leader board.  So I need you to come in and tell me the later than 5:00pm and 30 seconds :-)  Plus I promise to believe you this time.  You can understand why I didn't believe anyone when last week I was told the Open WOD was "7 minutes of burpees"

12.1 CrossFit Open Week in review for the North West

A casual competitors take on Week 1

The perfect steak......Boom 


Strength:  Shoulder Press Use Week 1 numbers but use KB and bands along with standard weights (ask coaches)

WOD: Teams of 2

4,000m Row  (break up the row however you want as a team.  example:  swap out every 500, every 250, every 1k, or every 1500......however you want to get the 4,000m row done as fast as possible.)

*Don't pace your turn, really push your row.

Ride the snake.  Another fitness fad that didn't stick.  Shocking because I thought this would be a very addictive weight loss system.

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