Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 2/9/12


the Sweatshirt orders end on Thursday, today, so you can't wait any longer.

Thank you Shogun for the pictures from Saturday.  Here are some pictures Shogun took of the SealFit Team event.  A lot more pictures will come in the next week.  Pictures Here

Game Face on.

Top three men of the CFBV & CFIB Throwdown

from left to right:  Ron O. 1st place Ryan Swobody, 2nd place Noah Pester, 3rd place Seth Schmitt, Dan C

Top Three women

Left to right:  Ron O. 3rd place Genevieve Girdner, 2nd place Ashley Moe, 1st place Melissa Dixon, Dan C.

The CrossFit Open:  http:/ register today :-)

Ok we need more playlists for the gym.  So here is the deal......We have 2 T-shirts, 2 Pair of CrossFit Interbay Socks or you can help program a WOD and we'll let you name it.  The first 5 people who give us a play list with 25+ songs for the gym get one of those items.  The first one that gives us a workout playlist gets to pick from the five, the second gets to pick from what's left, so on and so on until all 5 of those items are gone.  Get as creative as you want with the music, pop, hip hop, rock, punk classic rock, count....ok anything that we can workout to but country :-) (if youcan prove me wrong then prove me wrong about country, but people will know you made the playlist)  Just make it a mix that you'd want to hear and get fired up for during a WOD.  Bring it in by cd, dvd, thumb drive or whateve so we can transfer it to something in the gym to have around.  3-2-1....GO!!!!

Strength:  Use 20 minutes to practice a skill or make up strength need to work on.  Benchmark WOD on Friday, so no strength programmed for tomorrow.


1000m row

75 double unders

50 sit ups


50 sit ups

75 double unders

Preparing for the 2012 CrossFit Games

Amazing before and after pictures.  I know a few of you are going to run out and try this, when you do send me the pictures so I can post them.  Let us all enjoy it :-)

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