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Thursday 3/22/12

I love it!!!! 12.5 is the same wod as last years 2011 Open (I do wish I didn't program thrusters on Wednesday, however there is nothing wrong with doing the same exercise twice in one week so let's do it again) A few great things I noticed with this WOD.  1.  We had 17 people registered with CFIB in 2011 to do the Open and 15 of the 17 people are still training with CrossFit Interbay, the other two are still doing CrossFit but are now training in Alaska and Oregon.  I love that stat.  2.  We took 46th in the region as a team in 2011 with half as many teams that are registered for the Open as this year and so far we are ranked 19th with room to move up.  and 3.  This will give us a chance to repeat this WOD and see how much we each improved over the past year.

I'm very excited for 12.5.  Great Job CrossFit!

I like this WOD Marisa did while at the beach.  My next trip I'm doing it :-)

Hi. Thought you would like today's WOD from our house outside of Cabo

8 Lunge laps around the pool
40 beach step push ups
200 ish meter sprint to the water and back
60 squats
Beach wall box jumps

Time for a cold beverage!

Rehydrate and have fun Marisa :)

Strength:  Weighted Ring Dips 3x3x3x3x3

WOD:  21-15-9

Deadlift (225/155)

Box Jumps (20 inches)

Push Ups (men clapping/women strict)

"CrossFit has changed my swimming altogether. I went from dreaming of a spot on the Portugal Olympic Swim Team to believing it is actually possible,” Caldas says

Great Story: Olympic Swimmer Faster on land and in the water

2012 12.4 Recap

People wonder why I stopped training in martial arts, well here is why. Training methods just went to levels I couldn't hang with.


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