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Monday 3/26/12

Congrats, the 2012 CrossFit Open is now over with.  I hope the everyone had a good time, hit some personal bests and established some new goals.  CrossFit Interbay has qualified and will be participating at Northwest Regionals the weekend of May 25, 26 and 27th.  Only the top 30 teams in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana qualified to compete at Regionals. A team team of 3 men & 3 women plus a male & female alternate will be established in the up coming weeks. 

Now that the open is over each person needs to take some time mentally to reset.  Get yourself out of CrossFit Game Mode and start focusing on scaling and improving yourselves, don't feel pressured into Rx’ing workouts. Pushing to hit Rx during the Open was fun but get back to where we were and find what's the appropriate weights and exercises to push and develop each person their fullest potential.

Scaling Strength and Power Link

This is what happens when you show up to do the 12.5 WOD late, you're the last one to go and everyone sits around watching you with half a keg in them :)  Good work Matt!

Strength:  20 Minutes practice your Clean


Run 400m



Push Press (95/65)



Run 400m

hahahaha I love/hate the fitness industry sometimes.....ok I love it but stuff like this makes me really love it :-)

Is this the next fitness trend?  After watching, please input your "Pound comment here _____"

I might actually instruct this course because I'm a Veteran Pounder.  True story, ask Erin.

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