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Friday 3/30/12

We have a team going to Regionals so the training begins.  We will have our first games training this Sunday at 10am until noon.   I will be out of town this weekend, so my good friend from CrossFit Bellevue, Levi, will be running the tests, skills and workout.  Even if you're not interested in regionals but would like to train with those still working to get on the team, feel free to come in.

Bacon Coffin

A couple of our CFIB members ran in the Big Climb this year.  Here is how they did:

Dear Tigerbloods,

So I participated in the 2012 Big Climb this last Sunday.  For those that don't know, the Big Climb is a charity stair climb held at the Columbia Tower in downtown Seattle, raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.   The climb is 69 flights of stairs, 788 feet of vertical elevation, or 1,311 individual stairs.  6,000 people participate in the climb each year, and of those 6,000, around 3,100-3,300 sign up to "race", where each participant is timed and ranked on their climb.  This is my second year completing the climb, and here's a brief timeline of my 2 years suffering through the tower:

03/20/11 - Big Climb 2011
     Time: 21:41 || Rank: 2890//3315
06/09/11 - Joined CrossFit Interbay
     Became awesome.
03/25/12 - Big Climb 2012
     Time: 12:26 || Rank: 503//3174

I completed the climb 9 minutes and 15 seconds faster than I did last year, averaging about 10.8 seconds per flight (I averaged about 19 seconds per flight last year).  It's a pretty remarkable increase.  What's more impressive, in my mind, over the raw statistical improvements, is how I felt after the climb.  Last year, I was completely wrecked.  I'm not going to publicly say I threw up (definitely threw up), but I was damn close.  My legs hurt for hours after the race, and maintained their soreness for days after the event.  I didn't even stay to enjoy the view, or celebrate with any of the other racers, I was just too exhausted (plus I smelled like puke, gross).   This year was a total 180.  Yeah, I needed a few minutes to catch my breath and walk off the slight burning in my thighs, but I was ready to climb it again after getting a water bottle or two in me.  It was pretty awesome.  Whereas last year the climb made me feel weak, this year I crossed the finish line feeling stronger than ever.  My ultimate life goal for the Big Climb is to finish it in under 10 minutes, and I have no doubts that will be achieved after finishing it this year. 

I'd like to thank everyone at CFIB for helping push me to places I never imagined.  You were with me *ahem* each step of the way (awesome pun).  It truly has been a life changing year, in more ways than one, and I'm ready for more. 

Also, Keiko competed in the Big Climb this year too.  We were randomly put into the same starting group, so we climbed at the same time.  She finished in 14:33, which is an awesome time.  It was her first time up the tower.  It's a small Crossfit world sometimes... :)


Great work Robert and Keiko!


5 rounds

5 front squats (165/115)

15 Deadlift (165/115)

20 Push Ups

OMG this is AWESOME!  If you're going to get arrested for public intoxication, you may as well have fun with it and sing a song.


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