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Monday 3/5/12

Great week.  WOD 12.2.....I won't say WOD, I'll call it CrossFit Open test number two.  I'm hoping 12.3 is more of a traditional CrossFit WOD instead of a test, however these are great fun, hitting new PR's and finding new goals within ourselves.

Again I can't point out everything, so things I miss please post in comments but some notable moments:  First is to Tracey.  She saw this WOD and never got a 75 pound snatch up, she practiced and practiced hoping to get just one up.  Finally during practice she got her first 75 pound snatch up but then came the test, could she do it after doing 30 snatches at 45 pounds.  She went through the first 30 pretty steady then put on the 75 and missed a bunch.  You could tell she was getting very frustrated , everyone was cheering her on and hoping she'd get that 1 rep. Then on her 6 or 7th attempt, she got that 75 up and the room exploded.  It was exciting and everyone was just as excited as Tracey to get that 75 up.  Great work.

Another two are Aziz and Claire.  Aziz went into this WOD never able to get the 135 pound snatch up. Then he came into the 6am class on Friday and not only got it up once or twice but 8 times.  Big work and huge PR.  Claire also went into this WOD hoping to get up 75 pounds once however, she was able to get it up 22 times.  Then as she left Friday, she decided her new goal was to come in Sunday and get it up 30 times.....which she did.  These PR's are just amazing. 

So we have a couple of days to think about what's about to hit us next.  What do you think 12.3 will be?

2012 CrossFit Open what to expect

Olympic Weight lifting for a higher vertical leap

Here is Claire demonstrating her 12.2 handy work

Strength:  Deadlift 5x5x5x5x5

WOD: "Fast and Furious"

3 Rounds for time

20 Wall Balls (20/14)

20 Pull-Ups

20 Box Jumps (20 inches)

So what are you doing Thursday night, other than thinking about hitting the 12.3 WOD on Friday :-)  Well if you need a way to unwind you should head out and support our very own Will Eskew (pictured below), he will be performing with his rock band Mile 9 at Conor Byrne in Ballard on Thursday, March 8th at 9pm. Cover is $7. They would love the support.

I find this interesting.  The history of burpees.  It looks like burpees helped win WWII

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