Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 4/11/12

America you're slacking, this was invented in the UK 


I can see into your future and I see a repeat WOD on Friday, which one will it be???? 

20 Minute AMRAP

3 muscle ups or (men 8 ring dips/women 4 ring dips)
5 Front squats (155/105)
15 box jumps 20 inches
20 Sit Ups

Have you wondered where our mural of the tiger, "Karen 5.0" came from.  Here is the video that inspired the power of karen, karen 2.0, karen 3.0, karen 4.0 and finally the terminator "Karen 5.0".

You might notice that Karen 5.0 has a scar, you can thank Tim for that.  He said Karen needed to look tougher


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