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Tuesday 4/17/12

I received this from Tina:

Hey guys just wanted to send this to you.  It's a little blurry but I'm now able to carry my husband if there is ever a need.  He's 185.  Hopefully I can get up to that in my backsquat.  

Tina sparked the month of handstand pictures in odd places(that was a fun month).  And here she goes again with another great idea.  What can you squat or carry that you never thought you could?  Plus if you do it in new and unusual places, even better.  Oh yeah, take a picture of you doing it and send it to me please :-)

Thanks Tina!!!!  

Strength:  complete the following with a partner (one person does a set of 20 then the other person go then move on to the next exercise)

25 Kick-Ups to each hand (touching each of your partners hands is one like in the video)

25 Partner Leg Raises (push down your partners legs like in the video)

25 Get Ups (use the lightest medicine ball you can, or none at all)

25 Toes to Bar

25 V-Ups


Run 200m

20 Shoulder to Overhead (use Push Press, Jerk, split Jerk etc.) (115/75) FB (135/95)

Run 200m

15 Shoulder to Overhead

Run 200m

10 Shoulder to Overhead

Run 200m

5 Shoulder to Overhead 

More good news!!!!

For those of you that haven't heard, Seth and Melinda will be leaving us to start their own CrossFit gym soon.  Be on the look out for Emerald City CrossFit They hope to have their doors open in June so tell your friends that live near 2308 E. Madison that's where their new gym will be.  When Melinda and Seth are coaching between now and their new gym, be sure to wish them well.  It will be tough to lose them but they are close by and we have a good relationship with them.  We will be sure to get them back to CFIB to coach, train and we'll go over there to break in their gym, coach and train from time to time.

  Seth should be squatting Melinda, or better yet learn from Tina.....Melinda should be squatting Seth :-)


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