Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday 4/30/12

Haha got this link from Tracie T.  16 absurd things seen at the gym

Superiority of the egg by lift big eat big

Here is Antony squatting his daddy, Vippin.  BIG LIFT FOR THE LITTLE GUY!!!!

This is Seth's last week coaching at CrossFit Interbay, he's going on a vacation to Hawaii and then finishing up the last touches for Emerald City CrossFit.  He's still competing with CFIB at regionals, this is his last week of coaching here, not training.  So Monday evening classes and Wednesday at 6am will be the last classes he coaches.

Also, we wanted to say a good bye to Mark P. His last class was Friday, he's moved to the East Coast for work.  He snuck into the 9:15 class on Friday for one last WOD then flew out that evening.  Farewell and stop in whenever you're back in Seattle.


4 Rounds of:

3 Minute AMRAP 

6 Clean & Jerk (135/95)

9 Burpees

12 Sit Ups

**Two Minutes rest after each 3 Minute AMRAP Round

***Start each round wherever you left off from the previous round.  Example if you finished your 8th burpee, start the next round at burpee 9 then go onto sit ups.

****Your final score is grand total of rounds & reps completed after four 3 minute amrap rounds.

For the ladies


Today's workout