Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 4/10/12

Many of you have been asking about tattoos.  Definitely get them if you're passionate about them and I am explaining my tattoos all the time, some have meaning and others well fun in vegas :) so this is so I don't have to explain them everyday in the gym.  Send me your pics of tattoo and why you got them.

First one was when I was into diving so I got a shark on my left foot

This was my first meaningfull tattoo, i got it one year after Taryn was born, it's a tattoo of her baby hands on my  left calf.  You see this everyday in the gym and always ask where my other two kids are, they are coming in my sleeve.

My drunken vegas tattoo :) triple sevens means jackpot baby!!!!!!

and my big piece.  the sleeve which has erin as a pinup, will have my other two kids hands in there plus the kids are all picking out the colors of the flowers.

Strength:  20 Minutes Establish 1RM Backsquat

WOD:  8 Minute AMRAP

5 Burpees

10 SDHP (75/55)

15 Double Unders

What are your plans on Saturday, April 14th?  We have a treat for Current CrossFit Interbay Members only!!!!!  Bob & Anna Cummins are coming to do a free rowing workshop & chiropractic check-up.  We will host two one hour sessions.  Limited spots so RSVP.



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