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Wednesday 5/30/12

Over the course of the three days, we saw some of the top athletes in the NW Region go at it and CrossFit Interbay was right in the mix. 

In true competitive spirit, CFIB never gave up.  They never once counted themselves out.  Even when things didn’t go according to plan, they realized they still had to give their best.  Why?  Because that is why they were there, they give their best day in and day out in the gym and put their best foot forward at Regionals.

You don’t show up to Regionals to “participate” and get through the events.  You show up to test yourself and give everything you got.

The CrossFit Interbay Team finished 20th place in a highly competitive region.  Make sure you congratulate David K, Seth, Joey, Taryn, Megan and Valery, plus the alternates who trained with them all the way up to the games, Erin and James, when you see them in the gym!  Training for next year starts very soon…

Thanks to everyone that came out this weekend and supported the team.  We got one group shot but there were a lot more from CFIB that came throughout the weekend that weren't in the picture.  Thanks to everyone.


 NW CrossFit Summary

"Crossfit Interbay set the pace in heat one with the team of Megan Luk and Joey Fentress. Luk was the first woman off the line to sprint, which proved to be the determining factor for the teams throughout each heat."  

Strength:  Backsquat 3 sets of 3 reps @ 75% 1rm, 3 sets of 2 reps @ 85% 1rm, 2 sets of 1 rep @ 90% 1rm 



Push Press (95/65)


It's summer time, you know what that means?  Summer Movies!!!!! Don't you wish they had honest movie trailers so you knew which ones to go to.

Finally a good Hulk movie

Gabes final red time.  Rest in peace Gabe, we miss you.

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