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Thursday 5/31/12


Here are some frequently asked questions we get about nutrition, we will update the site often with more information.  First and most of all, you need to know that nutrition is not about following a diet. Proper nutrition is a lifestyle. Don’t try to fool yourself into thinking that you can get proper nutrition without altering your lifestyle. There is no easy answer or magic bullet. Only education and consistently sound choices every day will sustain a lifestyle of proper nutrition. Nutrition also shouldn’t become an obsession that inhibits your daily life. Everyone lets loose from time to time and shares some birthday cake or ice cream with friends. Finding the happy medium is the key to achieving your goals, and we want to help you find that medium. Start by educating yourself.

What should I eat?

When transitioning from a typical American diet to a healthy diet, which should never be mistaken for the same thing, we recommend a two-step process. First, transition to eating only quality foods that our bodies are made to eat. This is the tough part for most people because it involves eliminating (or at least drastically reducing) grains, bread, and other refined and processed carbohydrates. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store for lean meats, fruits and vegetables, nuts, and seeds. You’ll often see this referred to as eating “clean” or eating “Paleo.” Eating Paleo technically means you follow the Paleo diet, which eschews legumes, dairy, grains, and salt completely. We don’t recommend you worry about completely eliminating all of those foods at first, but you’ll need to know the terminology.

I'm eating quality foods, now what?

Next, we recommend eating those quality foods in proportions that will fuel your athletic activity and provide hormonal balance. The best way we have found to achieve this is the Zone Diet. The Zone Diet prescribes 40% carbs, 30% protein, and 30% fat for every meal. It also prescribes that you eat several small meals throughout the day. However, the ratio that is perfect for you is tied to your genetics, and may be slightly different than 40/30/30, but that’s the best starting point.

How do I eat out?

With knowledge of what constitutes quality food and an understanding of the Paleo/Zone diet, you’ll be able to tailor many restaurant meals to fit your lifestyle.  (This is a test:  If you've read this far, come into the gym your next class and tell the coach "I like to High Five", this will show you've read this nutrition article and they will give you a burpee certificate which you can give to anyone in the gym at any time in the gym.  Don't tell others, this is only for those that read this, shhhh now back to nutrition).  Eating out:  Look at the menu before arriving. Choose items that are cooked individually. Grilled items are the easiest to find. Next, check out the side items. Steamed veggies are the best choice, however, side salads are also good. Stay away from rice and potatoes. If choices are very limited then beans and sweet potatoes are not bad choices.

What about Alcohol?

Obviously, alcohol is very bad when used to excess. However, casual use can still fit into a healthy lifestyle. Alcohol is generally a liquid carb that your body absorbs very quickly. Some drinks containing dairy may also be heavy in fat (e.g. Baileys…creamy). Keep that in mind when drinking alcohol with a measured Paleo/Zone meal so you can maintain the appropriate carb/protein/fat ratios. How much is too much? Only you can really decide. Most CrossFit athletes I know, including myself, consume alcohol occasionally. I also know successful athletes that have beer every evening. And many other successful athletes completely abstain from alcohol. Overall, just make sure your alcohol use is for recreation, not dependency, and then fit it into your nutrition and training plan. Alcohol also affects your sleep, recovery, and body composition, so it’s always an area to examine if you’re not achieving your goals.

The NW Regional CrossFit Games

Strength:  Weighted Chin Ups 2x2x2x2x2


12 Min AMRAP:

3 Muscle Ups (1 Strict Chin Up + 1 Ring Dip = 1 MU)

6 Deadlifts (185/135)

12 V-Ups

After a rough few days, everyone needed ice.

mmmmmm, good for the lungs and fixes bad breath.  Remember these aren't for children under 6 years old.   Know what scares me most with seeing these old advertisements.  100-200 years from now people are going to look back at our medicines and I wonder what they'll think.  Think they'll be shocked we didn't explode because we would eat ice cream after having our tonsils removed while popping viagra.

PUNISHMENT!!!!! I need to punish the person that introduced me to this song because it's stuck in my head and won't leave.  I even woke up in the middle of the night humming it, so it's invaded my dreams.  Robert, before you even ask the answer is no.  We are not making a CFIB version of this.............well call me maybe.

Congrats to the first Rx's.  IT's not on the board but Sharla got her first Rx too along with the others noted.  Great job!

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