Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 6/22/12

Jake couldn't hit the side of a barn when he first started shooting.  Then he put on his Super Hero CFIB shirt and they called him Ol' Dead Eye the rest of the weekend.


Strength:  Do these in any order, break up however you want and this is not for time.

25 GHD Sit Ups

50 Knees to Elbow

25 V-Ups

50 Supermans

25 Burpee Sit Ups

WOD: 5 Rounds for time

3 Power Snatches (135/95)  FB(165/105)


So if you want to sport a six pack this summer, go on a super strict diet. Get down to a single digit body fat percentage and you will look in the mirror and say to yourself, “Where did those come from…..BAM BAM!!!”

You will be better served if you stop with your "frontal fixation." For the most part, we are a people that judge ourselves by what we see in front of the mirror from the waist up. Well defined shoulders, muscular arms, a firm (or large) chest (I do love my Moobs), a thin waist, and a six pack of abs. Everyone wants those "mirror muscles" looking good so they can strut around the Alki Beach impressing someone they want to mate with (wacka wacka). Most people never stand facing away from the mirror and looking over their shoulder. What’s going on back there? A weak lower back. A flat backside?

Core strength is not just the muscles of the abs. It includes muscles of the back and abs that attach to the spine and the pelvis. Core strength is so important to what we do in CrossFit and your daily lives. Squatting, pressing, Olympic weightlifting, running, rowing, gymnastics, etc..... All of it requires that you have a strong core to maintain stability. A strong core will help prevent injuries and help you get much stronger throughout your whole body. Simply doing 100 Abmat sit-ups a day is not the ticket to a strong core or 6 pack abs.

Don’t take that the wrong way, an Abmat is definitely a great piece of equipment. If you butterfly your legs and touch the soles of your feet together, the Abmat takes your hip flexors out of the equation and isolates your abdominal muscles.  But your core is much much more than that.

Stop worrying about having six pack abs, focus on your nutrition, your movements and working out on a regular basis.  In the end, you will be better served in your overall improvement as a CrossFitter, plus, if you lose some weight, you will have that washboard stomach that so many people are obsessed with.

OF COURSE....there is always a way to cheat the system:

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