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Friday 6/29/12

First:  Those of you that got the CrossFit Interbay Regional Tshirts with the gold chain and didn't pay, please catch up to Beth or Erin and submit payment.  Do not give the money to me, I am not allowed to handle money.  If you do not know if you paid or not.....honestly we don't know either :) so we are on the honor system.  T-shirts were flying around at regionals and we didn't write down who got one and who didn't or who paid and who didn't.  That's what happens when I'm in charge of collecting money which is why I'm almost 40 and still get an allowance :)

Second: Next Friday, July 6th we will have the CFIB BBQ at the gym starting at 4pm unitl ?????.  We will have WODs going in constant heats all night then hang out afterwards to get to know everyone, eat and have a beverage or three :-)

Lastly: Tough Mudder Prices goes up if you register after June 30th.  Who needs an end of summer adventure race?  I sure do.  Sunday September 30th a group of us are going to run in the Tough Mudder, if you'd like to join us register here and join team "CFIB".  This is a challenging race.  It's not about winning,  we're out there to sweat, get muddy and have fun.  Info at  Family and friends are welcome to join team CFIB for the race. team password is "unicornsparkles" ....I didn't come up with the password.  Three guesses as to who set up the team and password.  You're already wrong when you guessed Beth.  Wrong again when you guessed Ron.  So only one guess left

Join team CrossFit Interbay here

If you're interested in a group to do some extra running in the area, then check out the Bluffers Run group on Facebook.  It's headed up by our very own Kay.  If you want more information post questions comments or find the group on facebook.

Strength:  Backsquat 3x3x3x3x3 (70,75,80,82.5,85%)


500m Row



Parallett Push-Ups feet on 12 inch box




Run 400m

Totally Bad A$$, Shape Magazine did a spread on 10 seriously fit chicks of CrossFit

For those that can't get enough of "Call me Maybe" here is a death metal dubbed version 

I always preach getting set up in the proper position.  I guess proper position can carry everywhere, even in the bathroom............extreme pooping




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