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Wednesday 7/18/12

Congratulations to all the athletes that participated in the 2012 Reebok|CrossFit Games!  It was incredible to watch the events and witness the tremendous success of the competition.

You can see the final results of the weekend here:  2012 CrossFit Games Leaderboard

Grrrrrrr Look how strong I am   


Holy cow, after this weekend the reality of the Sport of CrossFit hit me hard.  This has officially become a professional “sport”.  In order to compete at The Games, it will have to be a job for you training 8 to 12 sessions per week, you need to make sure your nutrition is dialed in, and that you are sleeping enough to recover.  Even the TEAM competition is getting serious when former individual competitors are uniting under an affiliate to dominate the other teams (“Hack’s Pack”, the team that won this year includes three former individual Games competitors.  What's going to happen next year?).

Now, I’m not saying this to discourage anyone.  Actually, quite the opposite.  Do you want to compete?  We have 7 months until the 2013 Open Season…If you want to be serious and see how far you can go, training starts now.

Strength:  Deadlift 5x5x5+ (60, 67.5, 77.5%)

WOD: Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes

12 Box Jumps (24/20)

6 Pull-Ups

*Whatever time you have left in the minute, use as rest. Example, if you complete 6 full minutes of rounds then you completed 12 box jumps and 3 pull-ups.  Your final score is 6 + 15.

**If you are able to finish all 10 rounds, you will start an 11th round where you do 12 box jumps then max pull-ups with the remaining time of the minute, then your final score will be 12 + total reps combining the box jumps and pull-ups.

Val and E with Jason Khalipa, 2009 CrossFit Games Champion and took 5th this year.


2012 CrossFit Games Champion, Rich Fronning Jr.  I respect that he does the post competition interviews, indoors with his shirt off.  No more making fun of me for taking it off before I start the WOD.  And I'll answer this now.......Derek, you cannot coach with your shirt off.

2012 CrossFit Games Champion, Annie Thorsdottir

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