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Thursday 7/19/12

Warrior Dash:  Ron G. and a few others are racing in the Warrior Dash this weekend.  If you are post in comments or get in contact with Ron G.  Possibly meet up at the event, car pool or grab a beer. 

Who wants to do a local CrossFit Competition?  Here is the link

Whoo Hoo!!!!! ROWING!!!!  Who doesn't love rowing?!?!?!

A lot of CrossFitters don't have good rowing technique. It’s probably because of practice and neglecting to develop a love for the rower.   

When you’re on the rower focus on your technique.

The catch, the drive, the finish, the recovery, and back to the catch. A couple of things to notice. At no time do you see the rowing cartoon person with a rounded back or his head tucked between extended arms. Flip the picture sideways, and it looks a lot like a deadlift. Would you round your back and tuck your head between your arms in a deadlift?

Some other flaws: the handle dipping near the ankles, or laying back flat and pulling the handle all the way to the chin. I'm pretty sure you won't see any world class rowers doing any of those things. If you think "legs-body-arms-arms-body-legs" you can't go too wrong. Drive with your legs, then pivot our body then pull the handle to your abdomen when the handle passes your knees. Once your legs are full extended, release your arms and bend your legs after your arms are straight. legs-body-arms-arms-body-legs".

The flaws in your stroke make you slower. Almost all the flaws are easy to avoid if you slow down a bit and concentrate on your stroke. There are a ton of really good videos on youtube focusing on good rowing technique. Take some time to check them out.

Take some time to learn how to row properly. You will enjoy rowing a lot more.


Strength:  Shoulder Press 5x5x5+ (60, 67.5, 77.5%)

WOD: 3 Individually timed rounds

Row 500m

Yep, that's it. Three 500m Rows


Speaking of Rowing.  Anna Cummins is instructing a Rowing Clinic at CrossFit Bellevue in August.  Here is the information on it.  You will not only get C2 rowing instruction, on day 2 she will take you to row on the water.

CrossFit Specialty Course:


Saturday & Sunday, August 18 & 19

With on the water rowing Sunday


Hosted by Crossfit Bellevue and Seattle’s Pocock Rowing Center


Olympic & World Rowing Champion

 to Rock Your Row WOD

Anna Cummins

Crossfit Master Rowing Instructor

Olympic Gold 2008, Silver 2004

·     Real on the Water Experience!

·     Maximize your skill

·     Elements of power

·     Common Mistakes & Easy Fixes

·     How to coach others

·     Give me a WOD with a row because I’m ready!

Space is limited!  Sign up ASAP: /cf-info/specialty_certs.html

Spend two days with Anna Cummins, an Olympic gold medalist in rowing, to maximize your skill and familiarity with rowing, an important component of many CrossFit workouts. The first day will be spent learning rowing technique, technical error analysis and correction, verbal cues, rowing physiology and kinesiology, how to structure a CrossFit rowing workout, maximizing rowing power and efficiency, increasing rowing power output for better WOD times/scores and more at this comprehensive workshop. The day will include lecture, rowing on the Concept2 indoor rowing machine, team teaching, and two CrossFit workouts. Knowing how to row correctly and teach rowing to your clients are invaluable skills within the CrossFit community.

The second day will enable participants to take their rowing skills outdoors and into actual on-water racing boats. Transferring the skills learned on the indoor rowingmachine to an on-water rowing experience will enable participants to further refine their technique and power output capabilities.

Space is limited!  Sign up ASAP: /cf-info/specialty_certs.html

I wasn't even aware of this at the CrossFit Games.  Really, people wore less clothes in the stands???? I had no idea.  I personally wore a turtle neck, a nice pair of slacks and a beret all weekend.

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