Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday 7/23/12

I received this from Hammer and hope we get people sending him letters like we did when Danae went into the Army.

From Hammer:

Hey everyone,

I'll be heading off to Ranger School on 23 JULY 2012. I'll be in class 09-12, I do not know which company or platoon until I'm actually there. I'm posting the mailing addresses because I am hoping to receive some letters of motivation. If you can put a few sticks of the most fattening gum in the world in those letters, that would be excellent. They do not allow packages during the phases.

There's a 50% chance (school statistics) that I won't make it through the first 4 days. If you don't get any word on me until 11AUG, that's a good sign. Assuming everything goes right (25-30% possibility), I'll be in each phases in the following schedule.

FORT BENNING ADDRESS During the dates of 23JUL-11AUG:

2LT Chris Ritnoppakun
4th Ranger Training Battalion
ATTN: Class 09-12 , (Company)
10850 Schneider Road
Fort Benning, GA 31905

MOUNTAIN ADDRESS During the dates 12AUG-1SEP:

2LT Chris Ritnoppakun
5th Ranger Training Battalion
Sqd __, Plt __, Company
ATTN: Class 09-12
1 Camp Merrill
Dahlonega, GA 30533-1802

FLORIDA ADDRESS During the dates of 2SEP-21SEP:

2LT Chris Ritnoppakun
6th Ranger Training Battalion Sqd Plt
ATTN: Class 09-12 , Company
6069 Walkers Lane
Camp James E. Rudder
Eglin AFB, FL 32542

Graduates have literally told me that students work off from letters they receive when they are hungry, sleepy and broken. I'll try my best with my schedule and limited brain function to return the letters.

Please do not write "it's ok to not finish, you've tried your best"... please sign each letter with "do not come back without the Ranger tab" or any like phrase. I know... sadistic , but it'll work.

I hope you all the best
Chris Ritnoppakun 

Strength: Backsquat 3x3x3+ (75, 80, 85%)


Sit Ups

KB Swings (55/35)
Sit Ups

Box Jumps (20 inches)
Sit Ups

Whoo hoo the Olympics are coming.  Seriously, how many times are you going to tear up during this years games?

How do some of them eat?


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