Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 7/6/12 CrossFit Interbay BBQ

It's Friday, what do we have going on today...what's going on...what's going on?  I know it's important but it seems to be slipping from my mind.....OH YEAH, CFIB BBQ TONIGHT!!!!! 

If you're not sure what to bring, just bring a side or anything special you want to cook on the grill. Or, just show up, we'll have plenty. 

Do not register for the classes today, we will run WODs in heats all night.  Come in, warm up, work out and carb load after :)  OR just show up and hang out for the BBQ.

I'm so psyched for todays BBQ and WOD.  This pretty much sums up the excitement for our 4th of July celebration(2 days later), the CFIB BBQ and the WOD all wrapped up in one day.



Deadlift  (225/155)

50 double unders after each round



Push press (95/65)

KB Swings  (55/35)


Run 400m

This WOD will require  2 bars per person, 1 KB and 1 jump rope 

In addition to the BBQ tonight.  I thought now is the right time to go over some of the great things that scream "American"

1.  Bacon Stars and Stripes.  I don't believe in burning the flag but I'd fry this, gobble it up and salute.

2. Look it up in your history books, this is how it actually went down with Abraham Lincon.

3.  This one is my favorite.  Nothing is more American than taking a great movie and quickly making a cheesy awful sequel, if it has a soundtrack then it's even that much more awesome.  I had a tough time figuring out which Awful Awful Awful sequel to put in this spot.  I had so many to choose from:  Staying Alive with John Travolta, the sequel after Saturday Night Fever.  Dirty Dancing Havana Nights.  Breakin 2 Electric Boogaloo.....see so many to choose from and each of those had a fantastic/horrible soundtrack.  But my personal favorite is Grease 2.  This movie is as American as you can get, this song from the movie is about a guy trying to talk his girlfriend into Doing "It" for their country.  Nothing is more patriotic than using the American Flag to try to get some nice nice.  Plus I've listened to this soundtrack a couple of hundred times. Seriously try to listen to it and not smile.

4.  Calling in sick to work because you partied too much the night before. Those other countries may think "company first" but in America we know how to rock!

5.  Wearing camouflage when you're not at war.  Nothing screams American like a camo tube top mini skirt combo.  It is possible to go to war and be super cute.


6.  Chuck Norris Facts.  Chuck Norris and Superman once fought each other on a bet. The loser had to start wearing his underwear on the outside of his pants.

7.  Monster Trucks.  The trucks are loud, big and crush stuff.  What else do you want in entertainment?

 8. Music is American.  I was trying to think of which song embraced America the most and there is only one choice......"Macho Man" by the Village People.  You have a construction worker, an Indian, a Cowboy, a guy in workout clothes and a guy in leather(leather is cool).  Plus they do every American Male cliche in the video.  They air punch while dancing, flex their muscles while dancing, they do handstand pushups in the video and air hump a lot while dancing..........AMERICAN!

Village People - Macho man (version courte) by scorpiomusic

9.  Drunk babies.  Nothing says American like taking pictures of your baby in positions to make it look like he and she are raging alcoholics.  I'm sure it won't hurt them when they run for political office later in life. 

10.  A nerf armory.  Sure any redneck can own a bunch of rifles and shoot animals.  It takes a real American to have a nerf armory, display it on the wall loud and proud in their house then shoot their friends that are also armed with nerf guns.  30 year old adults having nerf gun battles in the office, screams America.

11.  Zombie Apocalypse.  There are books, festivals and trainings dedicated to preparing for the zombie apocalypse.  Where does it all take place?  In America!!!!! We're the most prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse guaranteed.

13. There is only one important language and that's American.....some people call it English but where I'm from, you either speak American or get the hell out.  Those other countries may think they are cool because they can speak multiple languages, but all of them can speak the most important one.....AMERICAN....F*CK YEAH! (warning: really bad language in the video)

14. First World Problems:   My kid wants to play with my Star Wars action figures. Doesn’t he know what that will do to their collectible value; I had to spit out my ice cube because it wasn’t made with filtered water; I stayed up late working on a project for work, and now I’m too tired to go, so I’m going to stay up a while longer thinking of a reason to call in sick.

15.  Will Smith.  What can't Will Smith do?  He's saved the world, killed aliens, made us laugh, reminded us that parents just don't understand and let's us know what to do in the Summertime.

And a bonus one.

BONUS.  Beer!!!!!! Beer is as American as you can get.  Let's thank Robbie and Black Star beer for supporting the BBQ. They'll be supplying the beer.  whoo hoo!!!!!!


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