Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 7/10/12

So today is Turph and Tracie's last day in the gym then they are moving off to Utah.  Don't try to talk them into staying, we've been attempting that for the past few weeks :-)

Part 1:  Is Hilarious

Part 2:  Please read.  Each of us can relate to one part or another.

If you haven't read the email Turph posted on our Facebook, I'm reposting it.  We've had people come and go with CrossFit Interbay, every one is missed and everyone keeps in touch.  However, nobody has broken up with us like Turph did.  Well done.


Dear CFIB,
Lets face it, we both knew this day was coming. I'm not too sure exactly what to say since I have never really broken up with a gym before, but... hmmmm, perhaps I should lead with the old standby, "It's not you, it's me". No honestly, this time it really is me.

Oh sure, there were those other gyms before you. But look, I never officially broke up with them - I would just fade away. You know... we'd stop spending as much quality time together, I'd pay a few extra months of alimony and then quietly one evening, just stop my autopay. Usually by that time those other gyms would have moved on and found another Sugar Daddy, so in the end who got hurt? Right. No one.

And then there is you. I was never suppose to end up liking you this much - small, scrappy, not much to look at from the outside, but full of energy, laughter and a tiger inside. Who would have guessed we would have grown so close? So like it or not, you are now considered "My first". You're now the benchmark. Whom everyone will be compared against from this day forth. Whom I will be referring to when I whine, "But at my last gym they let me ________." when trying to duck doubleunders, burpees or off-load weight.

Is there someone else? Um... Well.. I mean... Hey, you know all about those couple of times over in Bellevue and of course the other night in Capital Hill.. but I thought we had that kind of open relationship. I mean you really encouraged it after all. Oh, you mean someone NEW! Well, no, not yet. But since we are being all honest here, yes, late at night I have looked some websites, watched some videos and even sent some emails. OK so on second thought, there just might be someone else. Maybe. In hindsight though, I probably shouldn't have used Joey's picture in my profile nor Seth's whiteboard scores. Might be a little explaining that first week...

Now, now. There is no need to get all emotional about this. After a year together we both know I only wade in the shallow end of the emotion pool, so all this crying and begging is not going to change my mind. The bags are packed. The trucks full of gas. Not to worry though, as I will still be around until the 10th. Expect a few 7pm booty calls so we can uncomfortably drag this out just a bit longer. Oh, and when I am back in town you are the first one I will call.

And I will of course stalk you on Facebook. Until the restraining order.

Turph also emailed us about his experience with CrossFit Interbay over the past year, it is very personal and Turph said I could share it, so I'm sharing it with everyone.  Now when I read it the first time it made me...... errrr, uhhhhh I mean it made Erin get misty eyed.  I think this is worth sharing not only to congratulate Turph on his accomplishments but he felt the same, and struggled with the same things, that many people do each day but Turph did something about it and it's changed him forever.


"Ron & Erin,

Been putting off writing this email as it makes things seem so... final.

I have written this a hundred times in my head, trying to figure out the best way to say thanks - and there is just no simple way. I know if I just say thank you, you guys will go on and on about how it was I who lifted all those weights, did all those reps and it was all my efforts. But honestly, it's you guys who took the huge risk, opened a place and created what has turned out to be something extremely special. You built a community which welcomed me in and allowed me to do all that.

At times I feel like I have belonged to the gym for years, and other times it seems like weeks. Over the course of the last 12 months I have made, what I hope will be, many life long friends (so I guess it really is true that stuffing a bunch of people in a small space and making them do crazy stuff they never dreamt possible does form strong bonds). The flip side is that while every day I feel like my technique and confidence inches up, and I constantly find myself thinking about doing something better tomorrow.

Before Tracie dragged me into fundamentals, I was in the worst shape of my life. I have never admitted this to anyone, let alone myself very much, but I was mentally preparing to quit hockey. And it was just not hockey - everyday stuff was just getting a little tougher; hiking up a few flights of stairs, picking up and moving things, a short bike ride, everyday things were just harder. I was very close to that sedentary tipping point and yes I was mentally justifying it. Now I look back and think, who the fuck was that person?

The Crossfit community loves to write and comment about how they are progressing on this WOD or that. How they are systematically increasing weight or reps. While I have come to learn and respect this stuff, the biggest thing for me has been gaining confidence. For me, the best thing I am taking away from CFIB is a sense of accomplishment.

So thank you, to you two and all the coaches for everything you have done. Please know that I am forever grateful to you all.


Thank you Turph.  You and Tracie will be missed.  Keep in touch, work hard and have fun.

Strength:  Backsquat 3x3x3x3x3+ (70, 75, 77.5, 80,85%)

WOD:  "Turph.0"

20 wall Balls (20/14)

20 box Jumps

20 V-Ups

Run 400m

15 Wall Balls

15 Box Jumps

15 V-Ups

Run 200m

10 Wall Balls

10 Box Jumps

10 V-Ups

Run 100m 

Here is Turph swinging the Kettlebell under a double rainbow.

I had trouble finding an appropriate going away song for Turph and Tracie to remember us by, then remembered this.

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