Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 8/3/12

To reiterate what I said on Wednesday…

Our goal with discussing coaching is we want to create as open a relationship as possible between us all.  This relationship is built on communication and the better that communication is, the better your results in the gym.  Why?  Because your results are based on the personalization of your experience.  We can’t do this if you stayed closed up all the time and don’t give us feedback.

If you have any feedback for ANY of the Coaches (about ANYTHING!), please approach them and talk to them about it.  The Coaches know that everyone comes to them with a different background and a different perspective…we won’t get defensive.

Also, feel free to tell the Coaches if they did a good job, they like that too :-)

Strength: Backsquat 5-3-1+ (68, 78, 88%)



With a CONTINUOUSLY Running Clock, do:

1 Deadlift (155/115) and then 1 Box Jump (20") on the first minute,
2 Deadlifts and 2 Box Jumps on the second minute,
3 each on the third, and so on...

When you can no longer complete the designated reps of both exercises in the time allotted, the workout is terminated. Complete as many minute increments as possible!

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