Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 8/8/12

Nice, another person stepped up to let us know something they are trying to cut out of their diet.  I know this person's friends won't believe this person can actually give this up.....he is addicted but, this is where his friends should step in and help him keep it out of his life.  

From Derek:

Monday I didn't perform how I expected to on the wb/400 WOD.  This made me realize I need a little diet adjustment. While I personally think it'll be detrimental to my training because I go by the philosophy "if it tastes good then it must be good for you."  However, there are a number of healthcare professionals who would disagree. That being said, I've decided to tell that serpent Ronald McDonald he can keep his apple from here on out. I no longer believe the Big Mac will make me more God like. Good bye forever golden arches (tears).

P.S. My legs aren't that skinny, it was just a bad angle.


Strength:  Shoulder Press - 2,2,2,2,2(75,80,85,87.5,90%)


Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes:

3 Clean & Jerks(185/120)
30 double unders
max burpees

*Your score is grand total of burpees after you perform the 6 two minutes. 

Oh FECK!!! This is not how the dive at the Olympics was supposed to go.  Germany's Stephen Feck.  With a name like "Feck" you knew this was going to happen.  Usain "Bolt", obviously he has to be fast.  Stephen "Feck",unfortunately this was bound to happen.  Video Here

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