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Friday 8/10/12

Nerd out with me in the history of the 100m Sprint:  Good Video with it Link here

I can't get enough of the Olympics! The Summer Olympic Games never let me down, and in my opinion, are the best event in all of sports.  I don't know what it is......but everytime I see an athlete compete and win a medal, I get teary eyed. Seriously! It's so awesome to see the emotion from the athletes when a lifetime of work culminates and they are crowned the best in the world on the biggest stage ever. So badass. I am such a sap!

Which is more spectacular: A three times bodyweight clean and jerk during this year’s Olympics, by North Korea’s Om Yun Chol (he weighs approx. 120lbs and lifted 370lbs.)…

Or is this more spectacular:  McKayla Maroney’s “perfect” vault which helped the “Fab Five” win Gold.




Strength:  Deadlift 2,2,2,2,2+ (75,80,85,87.5,90%)



OH Squat (95/65)
Box Jumps (24/20)









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