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Tuesday 9/11/12

"The etiquette of going shirtless"

CrossFit falls under the heading of a group workout.  This means that what you do and how you act affects those in your class. So, it’s important to be cognizant of your behavior in order to ensure that you are not negatively impacting those around you.

Because of that today’s post discusses something very near and dear to my heart.....”The etiquette of going shirtless”, a highly controversial subject (this is for men and women).

Rules of Engagement:

1.  Removing your shirt during the warm-up is questionable, with one exception

     a. Exception:  This rules do not apply to Bon-Joe or Beth.  They have cotton allergies and prefer to     be shirtless as often as possible (this is what they told me and brought me a dr’s note stating so too).

2.  The most acceptable times to remove your shirt are at the beginning of a WOD or a few minutes into it; two exceptions:

     a. Exception: The shirt should stay on during the strength portion of the class, unless Putter gets his wish and we finally have Strength Max Effort Bicep Curls, then feel free to bicep curl shirtless.

     b. Exception: If you are sharing a bar with someone, keep it on unless you both have your shirts off and don’t mind sharing a sweaty bar.

 3. So you're not sure when it’s ok to take your shirt off?  If so then wait for someone else to take off their shirt first. However, it’s highly encouraged to wait a few seconds after they do it so that you don’t look like a follower.

 4. If you’re staying late after you finished a WOD and are doing extra exercises or additional stretching, put the shirt back on. In honor of this person breaking this rule every day, we call this the “Derek” Rule. Two Notes:

     a.  If you are doing a second WOD, feel free to keep your shirt off.

     b.  However, if you are not doing a 2nd WOD, the shirt should be back on within 7 minutes after completing the initial workout.....tick tock tick tock tick tock.

5. If your shirt is dripping with sweat wherever you hung/threw it during the WOD, you must wipe up the puddle.

There are a couple exceptions to the above rules:

1. If you show up to the gym without your shirt on, keep it off. I like your style.

2. You should have your shirt on during the strength portion of a class, however if you wind up PR’ing, feel free to remove your shirt while celebrating.

***Special Note:  Shaving your chest (James McDirty) does not grant you an exception from the rules.  If you try and claim you don’t shave your chest, then you really need to finish puberty, grow a chest sweater and become a man!

How to take your shirt off:

The first is the most subtle. You find yourself getting hot, or realize that the WOD you are about to start is going to be brutal, so you quietly remove the shirt. Not a big deal. This is generally the most common and acceptable manner to lose your shirt.

The next is a favorite for guys but plenty of women do it too— “the Second Wind”. Mid-WOD, quickly rip off your shirt in an aggressive manner to give yourself a mental power boost.  Men and Women believe this revitalizes their spirit, pushing them to finish strong.

Finally, we have "the Showboat". This involves taking off your shirt when the maximum number of people are paying attention to you. Then follow this up with some flexing, cracking of the neck, and throwing the shirt away in a dramatic fashion. While this is considered the least acceptable way to remove it, this move is great for generating audience excitement during WODs with heats, especially the Games Open WODs

****Special note:  If you do the following you can never ever ever ever take your shirt off during a WOD again.  If you take your shirt off during the workout because you were hot and needed a special bad a$$ pump to boost you through, you cannot come up to me after the WOD and ask how you looked:  “did I look fat”, “The sports bra didn’t match my outfit, did I look ok”, or “do you think people looked at me and thought ewww”.  Why lie, only women have asked me this after a workout where they ripped off their shirt.  Shocking, not one guy has ever asked me that post WOD.  Even if a guy did ask me that, Man-Law States I could slap them. 

Here is the truth ladies, if you ripped your shirt off, nobody looked and nobody judged besides you looked sexy and bad a$$!!!!  So next time rip it off Hulk Hogan Style!!!!!!

CrossFit Benchmark WOD:  We will run only this WOD in multiple heats, each person will have a counter. 



1,000m Row

50 Thrusters (45/35)

30 Pull-Ups  

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