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Friday 9/21/12 Coach Derek's last night

Below is a little goodbye to everyone from Coach Derek D.


As most of you don’t know(because 95% of what comes out of my mouth is idiotic nonsense) I’m making the move to San Diego and I leave on Tuesday 9/25. If anyone is in the bay area look me up!

That being said, I wanted to say bye to some of the best workout partners I’ve ever had. All of you have changed the way I view fitness and working out. It was a pleasure coaching and learning with all of you. On Friday I’m having a little going away shindig at Kangaroo and Kiwi in Ballard.  I should be there around 9:30 or 10 so everyone should come have a beer or 7 with me if you can make it. If not I will hold a grudge that will make Maximus Decimus Meridius roll over in his grave….. I kid, I kid. I would have liked to have been in everyday this last week but was struck with a neck kink injury(from drying my hair...seriously) by karma after giving Marcos crap. Going to be in Monday evening for one final workout so hope to see you all!

A few personal notes to add just in case I don’t see a few of you:

DK – liking froyo doesn’t mean you’re washed up

Joey – Yes I know you’re older than me and still smoke me every workout, but thanks for the reminders

Scott W – no straight male should have such a perfectly manicured beard

Andrew – Please ignore the above invite (I hold inclusion grudges)

Matt G – It’s not fun talking smack when your intended target only replies with smirks and performance

Kevin G – please notify me if you find a solution to the excessive sit-up butt rash

Beth – summersaults are dumb, but glitter is fun

Val – If I ever get married you can count on me calling you to help me find my wedding ring when (not if) I lose it

Ron O – I’d like to assure you that persecuting the aesthetically pleasing is a type of racism

That about does it. I love you all. It’s not good bye….. It’s I’ll see ya later.

Vaya Con Dios             

In honor of this being Derek's last workout.  Everyone can remove their shirt during the warm up, breaking one of the many "Shirt removal etiquette" rules.  It's your day Derek!!!!!

WOD:  "Vaya Con Dios"


Thrusters (95/65)

Hand Release Push-Ups

Box Jumps (24/20)

CrossFit = Intensity 

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