Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday 10/1/12 Apple Cup!!!!

This Fall we are celebrating a century old tradition and beloved American sport – FOOTBALL! Because we’re slightly biased towards Washington teams, I asked members of the gym which Washington Team was the best and "wow",  things got heated.  So what better way to have fun with this than have a CrossFit Apple Cup WOD. 

The WOD won't be announced until a week or two before the big game.  I will decide how many people will be on each team after we get an idea how many people want to participate.  The team WOD will be performed at a date before the Apple Cup.  The WOD will be used to determine a point spread on the football game.  What's at stake?  The winning team will get to hang their flag in the gym for the next year until the 2013 Apple Cup.

Some rules will need to be established.

  1. You must have attended either Washington State or University of Washington to participate in the WOD. 
  2. You can pick a team and cheer for it no matter where you went :-)

I was having trouble coming up with more rules so Coach Geoff suggested a couple of the following.  I think he may be biased.

  1. Your team must start with 15 burpees for each loss you have this season.
  2. Take 1 minute off your teams time for each Rose Bowl win your college team has.
  3. or make it academic:  Teams get an extra minute of rest for every Rhodes Scholar your school has.

Again, I think Coach Geoff is biased.  If you have some rules to suggest post them in comments or email them to me

I will put a sign up sheet in the gym.  Signing up doesn't mean you have to compete in the WOD.  Let's get an idea what side you're on, Cougs or UW.  Then from that list we can help determine who wants to compete, how to make up teams and what's a fair fun team wod.

Post in comments which team you support, your feedback and possible rules.


800m run
3 Rounds
25 KB Swings
15 V-Ups
10 Box Jumps (30/24)
800m Run


To keep it fair, we'll have a few refs monitor the Apple Cup WOD.  

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