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Friday 2/1/13

Guest blog post from -E-
LOOK WHAT'S NEW AT CFIB!  Can you buy one?  NOPE.  You have to earn it. . .

Ron and I gave all of our members who have been with us one year or more a little something to say congratulations for choosing a healthier life and allowing us to be part of it.  They have very much been a part of what makes our community at CFIB so special.  Also, to say thank you for being a loyal member.  This will be an ongoing gift to those of you who choose fitness and a healthy lifestyle at your one year anniversary with CrossFit Interbay.       

For those of you who have not yet received your awesome beanie, it is at the gym waiting for you :)

Here is Taryn rocking the 1 year anniversary CFIB Beanie!!!!!!!

taryn beanie.jpg

Skill:  Muscle Ups/Pull-Ups/HSPU or Clean & Jerk

5 rounds for total time of:
Run 200m
7 Clean & Jerks (135/95)
*Rest 1 minute

Example:  3, 2, 1, GO! You run 200m then come in and do 7 clean & jerks, if you finish at 1:15 you stop and rest then take off on your own at 2:15 for round two, if you finish round two at 4:36 you take off for round 3 at 5:36.  Your final time is your ending time, don't factor in the 4 minutes of rest you'll take, record only your final time.

You would think the beanies would be enough exciting news for a Friday but Nooooooo I have more.  CFIB is going to start a monthly "Coaches Challenge!"  What's that you ask?  Why, allow me to explain.  At the beginning each month one of our coaches will perform an exercise or WOD, have it filmed, timed/scored then posted on the blog.  All members are encouraged to try and beat the coach.  You can attempt it as many times as you want during the month, the only rule is you must have someone time/score/judge/count and verify your score.  We will have a special White Board for the coaches challenge with the Month, The coach for that month, their score and each person's name that is able to beat the coaches score.  This will stay up for the entire year.  That's right, bragging rights on beating the coach for an entire year :-)

Coach Joey is beginning the challenge for the month of February.   The exercise is......Max L-Sit Hold, see video below.  You will need to beat 1:04, I hope to see a lot of people attempting this and hopefully a lot of you will beat the coach.  Have fun!

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