Workout of the Day (WOD)

Thursday 10/24/13

If you haven't submitted your Paleo scores yet, I'll let you run late this first week but there are still peoples scores I don't have yet.  Keep strong and post how you're feeling and if you're noticing changes. 

The noon class said they loved Tabata Hollow Rock Holds


Strength:  Snatch
if you can, squat snatch each one, if not power snatch.  Newer people spend 15-20 Minutes working snatch don't worry about reps and sets.
Five sets of:
Snatch 1x1x1
(rest 10 seconds between singles, for a demonstration of how this pace and rhythm should go look at the Aja Barto video I posted below....remember he's a Games Competitor)
Rest 2 minutes between sets

400m Run
50 Sit Ups
400m Run
40 Sit Ups
400m Run
30 Sit Ups
400m Run
20 Sit Ups
400m Run
10 Sit Ups


Be good or Be Good at it.......this video is sweet.

Plus I had to post this video because the Soundtrack is Pennywise "Bro Hymn".  I miss my days when I would rock Pennywise all the time.

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