Workout of the Day (WOD)

Wednesday 10/9/13

Bring the pain! Or, at least the welts. Join us for four hours of private paintball match with all rental gear included.

Cost: $45 per person
Time: 12 pm - 4 pm
When: Saturday, October 19th

Included in fee:
> Admission
> Semi automatic paintball gun rental (Tippman 98)
> Hopper rental
> Tank rental (Compressed Air)
> Full Battle Mask rental (V-Force)
> Chest Protection (Women & children 13yrs or younger)
> Unlimited High Pressure air fills
> 500 rounds of paintballs
> Training: the game, how to play, rules, and safety (!15 min)
> Staffing for event

Note: We need a minimum of 20 people for the private game so we'll be taking deposits. If you're interested post in comments, email or text 206-399-5707.  Thanks to Chris D. for organizing this.


"Poopie Sandwich" (I know, I'm sorry about the foul language)
*WOD will be announced in class.  Any guesses to what it is?  
** Don't worry there are scaling options if you only want a half crap sandwich or if you want a quarter crap sandwich

I thought Flava Flav had the easiest job in the rap industry, but I guess not everyone can do it.  Maybe it even takes talent???? 

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