Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 11/12/13

Submit your scores to me for your fourth week of the Paleo Challenge.  My score food = 2, workouts = 4, sleep = 0, posts = 2, so week 4 total = 8.   

This is a 30 day challenge so you have to still account for Tuesday and Wednesday then submit me your 2 day points to me on Thursday.  You can earn a total of 7 points in those 2 days.  Two days of eating Paleo = 2, 2 Days of posts = 2, 2 days of sleep = 1 and 2 days of working out = 2 for a grand 2 day total of 7 points max you can earn. 

I can not wait for the 3 year anniversary party this Saturday Night, starting at 7pm.  This will be held at the gym.  Remember the theme, Hollywood Red Carpet.  If you're wondering if people will really get in are pictures from last years anniversary party :-) 

Thanksgiving picture 2.jpg
too cool.jpg

Remember Wednesday we will be doing Fight Gone Bad again.

14 Minute EMOM
First Minute:  12 V-Ups
Opposite Minute: 10 Ring Dips

30 Clean & Jerks for time (135/95) 

I like this video and I didn't cry once.....seriously a tear didn't come out, NOT ONE!!!!! 

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