Workout of the Day (WOD)

Monday 11/25/13

Wow the Apple Cup WODs were exciting.  Thank you to everyone that came out, cheered on the teams and tail gated with us after :-)

UW won the deadlift WOD but all 4 competitors lifted ridiculous weights.  Vipin 3 rep deadlifted 505, Christine 3 repped 285, Annie 3 repped 300 and almost 3 repped 305 and Mike 3 repped 465 and almost 3 repped 485(got 2 of the 3 reps). 

UW won WOD 2, the hang power clean & double under wod  Congrats to Nicole and Matt for killing it, Taryn(who is 7 months pregnant and competing) and Tyler were very close behind. 

This put team UW ahead by 12 points going into the 3rd WOD.

WOD 3.  The WSU team killed it, Jake and Beth won by enough to bring the score to 12-11 overall.  Kevin and Sandra did great too for UW.

The final big relay wod was crazy.  Emily with UW and Sam with WSU started for each team and both had great times, Sam was 6 minutes but Emily had a ridiculously fast time by finishing 150 Wall Balls in 5:16.  Then Valery with UW and Tim with WSU did Fran, it looked like valery and tim were very close in times so UW were still in the lead going into the final WOD.  Joey team UW vs. Evan team WSU.  Joey was already at 16 reps into Isabel before Evan even started.  She flew like a bat out of hell and everyone thought she was going to catch Joey, her first 15 reps were that fast but Joey is strong and was able to hold onto the lead for team UW.

Congrats to both teams!

The points accumulated by UW will be factored into the Las Vegas spread of the actual Apple Cup, so we don't know which team is the final winner yet.  We will all know this Friday which team gets to hang their flag in the gym for the next year.  Will it be WSU for another year or will UW take over the top spot?

Here are some pictures, a lot were taken and will be posted this week.

We couldn't fit everyone into the picture, we have better ones coming soon. 

We couldn't fit everyone into the picture, we have better ones coming soon. 

Vipin and Holly

Vipin and Holly


Strength:  Weighted Strict Pull-Ups  5x5x3x3x1x1x1

4 Rounds
20 Weighted Lunges (95/65) (each leg = 1)
30 Sit-Ups

WOW, she's so right.  Now all our problems are solved.

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