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Tuesday 12/3/13

More updates from this weekends competition will be coming all week.  We had so many PR's, successes, people doing their first competition and fun all around, so it's wrong to try and summarize it all in one blog post.

Congrats to team "Swole Flakes" which consisted of Coach Joey, Tim G. Emily and Kristi.  Of the 49 teams competing Sunday, they wound up finishing 2nd overall.  Not bad for a fun team that was going out to "just have some fun" plus this was Kristi's first competition.


Congrats to Evan and Christine on team "Unicorn Giggle Squad"  the women took 2nd overall in the womens deadlift.  Evan Pr'd by 15 pounds and lifted 315 and Christine Pr'd by 10 pounds and lifted 305, with a team total of 620. 

Of the 98 women that deadlifted on Sunday, only two teams had both women deadlift over 300 (one was Team giggle Squad" and 9 women in the competition deadlifted 300 or more, CFIB had 4 of those women:  Nicole had the biggest womens deadlift of the day at 345(she attempted 365 next and just missed it by inches), Evan 315, Christine 305 and Emily 300.  All the other women with CFIB had huge Pr's and had really big lifts, so I don't want to take away from what they did but I had to point out all the women that hit the 300 club.

Lyle, Evan, Christine, and Shogun

Lyle, Evan, Christine, and Shogun

Shoulder Press

800m Run
8 Push Press (Rx is .75%BW/.65%BW)
600m Run
6 Push Press
400m Run
4 Push Press
200m Run
2 Push Press

It's December and I'm already indulging on things probably shouldn't.  Yes I overdid it with pie on Thanksgiving but in my defense it was really really good and I've worked out a lot since then while eating very clean.

So it got me thinking of other guilty pleasures I give in to, then I saw this video, perfect timing.  I can't deny it, I love every song in it.....even the honorable mentions.  What are your guilty pleasures, whether it be a song, food or something else.  Email it to me at I'm sure you're not alone, others probably love those same embarrassing things you do.  Let it out and be proud.

licky boom boom down

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