Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 2/26/13

Let’s continue our talk about how to not be an A$shole CrossFitter:

1. No Rep……Not Your Problem:  Unless you are a coach or judge at a CrossFit Competition, it is not your job to no rep your fellow CrossFitters during regular workouts. I get it - you see someone doing squats a millimeter above parallel and your brain is about to explode with fury. Don’t do it! Use that primal no rep rage and focus on your own workout, push through and be your best……not their judge. 

2. The grocery store is for picking up food, not passing judgment:  So you are shopping at the grocery store and you are 79.99999% Paleo, except for your cheat meals. As you are walking through the store this is not a time to Instagram, Facebook or Tweet a picture of the overweight person and their shopping cart full cookies, snickers, white bread and diet coke. Both you and this person know that their cart is filled with tasty treats that you won’t eat, no need to tell everyone on the internet.  Stick to posting the positive stuff, I do enjoy seeing that.  Oh and don’t forget that CFIB has a Facebook page and Instagram page, look us up and follow us.


20 Minute EMOM:
1st Minute Wall Balls (20/14) @ (8,10,12 and 15 reps, try to hit one of these rep schemes)
Opposite Minute
15 Sit Ups

1,000m Max Effort Row


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