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Tuesday 3/5/13

You still have time to register for the 2013 CrossFit Open.  We currently have 68 members registered and I know there are more of you still thinking about registering.......let's max it out :-)  We will kick the Open off this Friday like we did last year.  We will run classes as normally during the day but for the evening classes we will just run in heats all night.  Come in knock out the Open WOD then stay for CrossFit Interbay Social, beer and snacks after.  Always good fun. (even if you don't register for the Open, come in Friday, do the WOD and hang out.  Also if you can't do the Open WOD's on Fridays, you can do them anytime after they are announced on Wednesday and before the final day on Sunday)


Strength:  Shoulder Press 2x2x2x2x2 (80-90% 1RM)

10 minute AMRAP:
20 Jumping Lunges (each leg = 1)
15 Sit Ups
10 Pull-ups

In our society McDonalds, Burger King and Carl's Jr are commonly found on every corner. The convenience of these fast food establishments and the high demands placed on people make it extremely challenging to those who want to eat healthy.  It's common to choose convenience over good choices.

Needless to say excess consumption of these poor food choices cause rapid weight gain and an even more rapid decline in health.

This video does a funny job highlighting the decline in "functionality" with excessive weight gain. Personally, I find it a huge advantage to apply my fitness to daily routines. Playing with the kids, lifting heavy objects and being able to enjoy a physical lifestyle with my family are huge "functional" benefits that good health provides.

I want to personally applaud you for choosing to lead the same lifestyle by incorporating one of the most difficult fitness programs on the planet, for both you and your families benefit. Keep it up!

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