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Thursday 4/18/13 Yesterdays Workout? You're Welcome....

Yesterdays Workout?  You're Welcome...

I bet your quads and butt feel goooooooooood.  I KNOW you all love doing those grinding, long workouts with body weight movements and cardio, but those training sessions bring the best results when performed infrequently.  For overall fitness, we want to focus on more power-producing sessions…such as today’s and tomorrows!

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1K Row
50/30 Push-Ups (Men/Women)
800m Run
50 Push Press(95/65)
100 Double Unders
50 KB Swings (55/35)

Here are a couple of interesting links.
1st one shows that CrossFit is getting mainstream.  Mens Health did a "CrossFit First Aid Kit" Article on it.
2nd link,'s worth thinking about but I don't need too much feedback from you and I definitely don't need videos or pictures of your "research" into the subject.  Keep that to yourself please :-)

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Lyle gets his first bar muscle up and in true Lyle fashion finishes with a little flare at the end.


Today's Workout

Tomorrow's Workout