Workout of the Day (WOD)

Friday 5/17/13

Coach Valery posted this on our CrossFit Interbay Facebook page and I thought it was great to post on here too in case you're not following us on Facebook (ridiculous if you're not):

Wanted to share an experience I had the other I was coaching class and writing up people's times on the white board. As I asked one recent fundamentals graduate for his time he said:

"oh no, don't put my time up, I didn't do the workout like everyone else"

This made me think it's time for a refresher on the point of scaling.

You should never think that scaling makes you any less than anyone else in the gym or in life. We scale to get where we are going not just in the gym but in every aspect of our lives. Everyone scales up and down. The baseline is arbitrary so don't use that to measure your self worth.

When the workout is posted, try to remember that "RX" is only ONE line in the sand. You should be working toward reaching your potential not just "RX".

You showed up, you worked hard, you finished. THAT's what counts!

- Coach Val

p.s. make sure you introduce yourself and get to know the new people in the gym.  Remember how you felt during your first few weeks, so go up and say hi, get to know them.  Actually, don't just say hi, ask them something personal..........personal that won't cause a sexual harassment law suit :-)


Strength:  Concentration Curls.  Break out a box, sit on it and use the kettlebells.  Place your elbows on the inside of your knee and perform 5x5 concentration bicep curls.  If you're not grunting then you're not working hard enough.....INCREASE THE WEIGHT

5 Rounds
3 Single Jumps, smack yourself in the back with the jump rope
5 Single Jumps followed by 2 double unders then smack yourself in the arms and throw down your jump rope, swear and stomp off for 20 seconds
15 ab crunches
10 Reverse Curls (Use Oly Bar 135/95)
5  Strict Chin Ups

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