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Tuesday 5/21/13

What Pushes You?

This past weekend we had a couple of CrossFit Regionals going on around the world. Some of you may have watched it, maybe some of you didn’t even know it was going on(which is ridiculous). If you missed out, you can still watch it on the CrossFit Games website at or and look up crossfit regionals 2013.

The CrossFit Games are a great way of seeing people perform at incredible lengths with pushing themselves beyond what others thought were possible. When you’re in a competition, the want to win pushes many further then they thought possible.

That got me thinking about what pushes me and others day to day in the gym.  Before a WOD, many things are there to give me that extra push, sometimes it will be me wanting to set a good example to other members, other times it's those same exact members cheering me on and making sure I'm fired up and pushing hard right along with them, making me lift heavier, move faster, to get stronger. However, I want to know what pushes you to do your best when you walk into CrossFit Interbay?

Christine training for regionals knocking out 3reps Overhead squat

Christine training for regionals knocking out 3reps Overhead squat

Strength: Deadlift Week 3

box jump – (30/24)

kb swing – (70/45)


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