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Friday 6/21/13

Everyone that has pushed themselves during the Wods or Lifts has experienced the pain of sore muscles and joints from time to time.  Sometimes these aches and pains even feel like they may actually be injuries.  I know a lot of people deal with this in many different ways.  If you manage these symptoms properly you can achieve better gains in your training.


Your first line of defense is always going to be ice.  Ice helps decrease pain and inflammation on the sore or injured area without any negative effect if done properly.  The great thing about ice is that it can be applied to the area of a recurring soreness after a workout as a preventative measure, thus maintaining a healthy joint without waiting until after it becomes sore and inflamed.

The proper way to ice is to apply either a zip-lock baggie or a re-usable ice pack directly onto the joint or muscle in question.  Do this for about 10-15 minutes, no longer.  After a 30 min break you can repeat.  If the ice is too much for you to handle do this:  Put it on until you can’t stand it (a minute or so) then take it off.  Repeat this a couple more times and you will then be able to leave it on for the full 10 minutes.  This is kinda similar to how many people get into our nice cold Seattle waters.


Heat can be very comforting.  It is the better option if you plan to workout right after but otherwise not as effective as ice.  Heat is best if used after icing and should not be used on most injuries for the first 24 hrs.  Stick with ice first.  Many neck, shoulder, and back muscle spasms can feel like injury.  These are just related to ultra tightness and heat is a great option.

Anti-Inflammatory Pain Killers:

These are NSAIDS, aka Asprin (Bayer or Bufferin), Ibuprofen ( Motrin, Advil), or Naproxen (Aleve).  When taken on occasion and in small doses these probably are alright, BUT, there are many reasons to try and avoid the use of pain killers.

These drugs, while they do give comfort from soreness and joint pain, can have a negative effect on muscle growth.  One of the things that they do in the process of easing pain and inflammation is that they inhibit the synthesis of protein into the muscle. When we work out we cause micro-damage to our muscle tissue.  Then when the muscle repairs itself (using proteins and the amino acids that they carry) it gets stronger and increases in size.  NSAIDS will block the synthesis of the protein and therefore handicap the muscle gains.  Most studies have shown that this is mostly in higher doses (more than 600 mg in 24 hrs) and when used repeatedly.

Another negative on NSAIDS is their effect on connective tissue (joints and ligaments).  They eliminate pain by blocking the production of Prostaglandins, which are linked to pain.  These Prostaglandins are also responsible for the production of Collagen in our bodies.  Collagen is produced to aid in the healing and health of ligaments, tendons, labrum, and other connective tissue. So while helping with the pain they are, at the same time, weakening our connective tissue by depriving them of Collagen.

Bottom Line:

To avoid lots of constant aches and pains try to do the following:

1)  Stretch and roll-out after class(even after we warm you down, feel free to stay longer to stretch and roll out more)

2)  Get deep tissue massage once a month.

3)  Ice sore areas.  Ice joints that have recurring pain or soreness even when they feel OK.

4)  Apply heat to pinched or spasm-ed muscles.

5)  Use ibuprofen as little as possible.

6)  Use  Post Work-Out Recovery supplement products (Protein shakes, Glutamine and BCAA’s)  Remember muscles need Protein and Amino Acids to repair/recover.

Pushing our body’s to perform is what keeps us all feeling young, regardless of our current age.  Being fit and staying healthy is our number 1 goal!

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Strength:  Shoulder Press Week 3

50 Sit Ups
25 Thrusters (95/65)
50 Sit Ups
25 Hang Power Clean (95/65)
50 Sit Ups
25 Push Press (95/65) 

It's Friday and I want to laugh.  I did not find all these on internet myself, plenty of you emailed me these this week.  Thank you :-) 

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