Workout of the Day (WOD)

Tuesday 6/4/13

This picture doesn’t have all the people that stopped in to support CrossFit Interbay this weekend.  Thank you for coming in and cheering on the team.  You’re what makes this gym so special, strong and fun.


Strength:  Clean (Advanced: establish a 1RM Squat Clean.  Beginner & Intermediate: Power or squat clean)

7 Min EMOM @ 75-80% your 1RM Clean Weight from strength above

1 Deadlift (Clean Grip), 1 Power Clean, 1 Squat Clean (Beginners can go back to back power clean and end with a front squat)

*your score is your average weight over the 7 minutes; I know some of you will go up or down in weight during this.
**if you break form or your feet don't land smooth into a proper catch then that does not count as your 1RM.  I only want you to work off of your 1RM with good form.

Many of you have been in the gym when Rory dropped in to workout.  She’s a member of our friend, CrossFit Bellevue, and she’s friends with a ton of people in the CrossFit Community.  If you met her then you know how strong she is and what a cool, friendly, humble person Rory is too.  Rory gave quite the performance this weekend, we’ve all been waiting for her to blow up on the scene and make it to the CrossFit Games.  After coming back from shoulder surgery last year, not only did she qualify for the Games, she won the region.  This couldn’t have happened to a better person.  Make sure to watch the games in July and cheer on our friend, Rory.   Only the top 50 men and women in the entire world earn a spot to the games and we are excited to cheer her on and yes, many of us will be there in person to cheer her on too J .  

Talk about dedication, after 3 days of intense competition at CrossFit Regionals.  Rory didn't get a day off, she had to take her last final exam to graduate college from UW.  She tried to get an extension but the professor said no, so no Sunday night celebration for her.  She went home, did a little more studying, and was up bright and early for her last final before graduation.

This is a great story that CrossFit HQ did on Rory and her mom.


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