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Monday 6/10/13

From your friends at CrossFit Interbay, we wish Vince and Shanna the best of luck on your wedding this week! Wedding burpees are in your future :)

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Vince, here is some advice on marriage.  Don't try to fix things, just listen and be there :-) This video explains it well. 

Strength:  Weighted Strict Pull-Ups 3x3x3x3x3

4 rounds for total reps of the 4 minute dual effort of:
Part 1:
2 minute AMRAP of:
20 Jumping Lunges
10 Hand Release Pushups
10 Pull-ups

Part 2:
2 minutes to complete:
1 Max Effort Unbroken Set of Front Squats @ 70% your 1RM(If you don't know your 1RM work with coaches to establish working weight)

Notes: The athlete may begin the Max effort unbroken set at any point in the 2 minutes. If the set only takes 30 seconds, then the rest of the 2 minutes is rest time. The set is over when the Barbell returns to the floor.

*Your final score is grand total reps from part 1 and part 2 of the dual WOD.

Just in case you don't follow the CrossFit Interbay Facebook page(go follow us now) we posted on there for you to send us submissions of Sho-Bombs for the gym to enjoy and see which one we find the funniest and best.  Here are our first two submissions.  I love it!!!   I need more submissions, so send me more Sho-Bombs all week :-)

 Sho-Bomb Submitted by Valery

Sho-Bomb Submitted by Valery

 Sho-Bomb Submitted by Vince M.

Sho-Bomb Submitted by Vince M.

We've done "Afraid to Fail" 4-5 times since CFIB has been open and we get a lot of big numbers but I've been waiting for the one person to finally break 500 points.  The gym pumped out a lot of big scores from the men and women Friday.  Taryn was over 400, I got 495 and was pumped with the many scores over 200 I saw that day.  Then I saw Tim G do over 500 and was excited we got our first 500+ Afraid to Fail score, then Sam came into the 7pm class.  There were only 3 people in the Friday 7pm class, so I saw his first round of double unders take a long time and knew it was big, so I decided to personally count his 2nd, 3rd and 4th round of double unders.  His second round was 110, third round was 130 and 4th round he got a whopping 175 double unders unbroken.  Insane numbers which is why he not only blew by the 500 but became our first person to get 600 with a final score of 640.  Impressive.......stretch and take care of your calves. 


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