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Knee High Sock Wednesday 7/17/13

Hey Guys-

I did it! Qualified for 2014 Boston Marathon today and beat the qualifying time for my age group by 22+ Minutes. Not bad for an aging boomer!

I ran the “Tunnel Marathon” with a field of 400 runners on the John Wayne Iron Horse Trail ( Just the name adds to the adventure). The road training these last weeks has alternated between sheer drudgery and spiritual enlightenment, but  the basis for my training has been CFIB for nearly 2 ½ years.   Thanks to you, the coaches and many of members for their encouragement and camaraderie over these months.

Look forwarded to getting back in the gym soon, once I can move normally again. Have attached two pictures. One of my son Willy and I together. He was my inspiration and pacer for the last 13 miles. Also an obligatory picture of a handstand ( ignore the blood from chaffing) after crossing the finish.

See you all soon.

Rob R

Great work Rob!!!!!


Rob and WIlly Marathon 2013.JPG
Tunnel Marathon Handstand.JPG

Strength:  Establish a 1rm clean (power or squat) 

WOD:  "Frick Frack Fruck......this is gonna suck"
emom for as long as you can sustain:
8 thrusters (95/65)
8 pull-ups

Don’t hold back – go hard!

Your score is how many rounds you made it through before you couldn't complete 8 thrusters and 8 pullups in the minute(plus additional reps example 8 + 6 reps).  Scale reps & weights in each minute, if you can't get 8 & 8 done in the minute, then reduce it to 6 & 6 or 7 & 7, you get the point.  Work with a coach they will help you determine what weight and rep scheme to use.  I want you to at least reach 45 reps of each.


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